Free WordPress Migrations

We offer free website migrations to or from any host on all our managed hosting plans. Simply sign up for a plan to get started. 

Step 1: Sign up for hosting

Free migrations are available for all of our plans. Simply sign up for a plan to get started.

Step 2: Fill out the migration request form

Once you've purchased a plan you will receive an email with instructions to complete your website migration.

Hosting Powered By

Infrastructure built for high-performance, scaling on demand.

Our managed hosting servers are powered by Kinsta.

Container Architecture

Whether you're tasking us to migrate one WordPress sites or 50+ sites, they'll take advantage of our isolated container technology. This ensures that all resources are 100% private and not shared between anyone else or even your own sites.

Top-Performing Infrastructure

Kinsta customers see up to a 20% speed boost simply by migrating to Kinsta. That's what happens when your tech stack is built on the fastest infrastructure on the market.

Google's Top CPU Servers

Host on the highest-end CPUs and global availability thanks to Google’s fastest servers and Premium Tier network. From these alone, our clients see 30% – 200% in performance improvements.

High-Performance CDN

Take advantage of 275+ locations worldwide to deliver blazing-fast pages by serving your cached assets from your website visitors’ closest location. Kinsta’s CDN is HTTP/3-enabled and has a one-click setup.

We Migrate Your WordPress Site for Free

Get protection and start speeding up your website today. Our dedicated migration team is ready to migrate and optimize your website.