Free Migrations From All Hosts Including:

GoDaddy, SiteGround, Flywheel, Bluehost, DreamHost, Cloudways, WP Hostinger WordPress Hosting, HostGator and many more

Save time and money by using our hassle-free migration service.

Google’s Premium Tier Network to deliver website data faster

Kinsta infrastructure, powered by Google Cloud Platform

A stack that’s been fine-tuned for WordPress over the past 8 years

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Smooth Migrations - Always Free

Navigating WordPress migrations between hosts can be complex. While third-party plugins might appear convenient, they often fall short of ensuring a seamless transfer. The risk of data loss looms, especially for those new to the process. At WarriorWP, our migration specialists handle everything, ensuring a smooth transition every step of the way.

Stay updated with WarriorWP. We pride ourselves on zero downtime during migrations. Before the final switch, we'll guide you through a thorough review of your migrated site.

Many have taken advantage of our popular free migration service, easing the challenge to change WordPress hosts. With WarriorWP's unmatched expertise, it's clear why we're a top choice for those looking to make the move.

Free Migrations

from all major hosts

Whether you're with GoDaddy, SiteGround, Flywheel, and others, transition seamlessly with our expert migration service.

Managed Technology

software updates included

Enjoy a hassle-free experience, save time and money, and let our experts handle the complexities for you.

Kinsta Powered Hosting:


Benefit from Google’s Premium Tier Network, ensuring faster website data delivery and robust infrastructure.

Optimized for WordPress:


Our tech stack has been refined for WordPress, ensuring optimal performance.

Speed Boost with Kinsta:


Experience a speed surge and top-tier performance with our isolated container technology.

Google's Elite CPU Servers:


Host on Google’s fastest servers and witness a performance jump ranging from 30% to 200%.

Guidelines for a Smooth Transition to WarriorWP

Hey there! We're thrilled to help you shift your WordPress sites to WarriorWP. Here are a few friendly pointers to guide our journey together:

  • We adore standard WordPress sites and can move them with ease. However, larger networks or those with unique setups might need a bit more attention and care from our side.
  • We're always eager to get you onboarded quickly! Normally, we'll have your site settled in within 2 days. If we foresee any little hiccups that might extend this, we promise to keep you in the loop from the get-go.
  • We've noticed that sites like online shops or membership platforms often need some extra TLC during migration. For such special sites, we might need to explore a different route than our complimentary move. But don’t worry, we're here to guide you every step of the way!
  • For the tech-savvy out there: certain intricate setups can be a tad challenging for our standard move. If that's the case, we'll work closely with you to find the best solution.
  • Remember those redirect rules on your old site? We'd love to help, but our free move might not cover them. No stress! We have some handy tools that'll assist you in setting those up once you're here with us.
  • Some sites enjoy a two-step dance when moving. The initial step is on us! However, the final twirl, or the second move, might have a small associated cost. We'll always be upfront about this.
  • If you can provide us only with your WordPress login and not the full backstage pass (like SSH access), our premium move might be a better fit. We just want to ensure everything's safe and sound!
  • Lastly, if your site has some unique quirks that don't fit into the above, let's chat! We have a detailed premium move process that might be just the ticket.

At the end of the day, we're here for you, and we're excited to welcome you to the WarriorWP family. Let's make this move a smooth one together!