Why we use Kinsta.

It's all in the details...

WarriorWP has chosen to build its services on top of Kinsta for a multitude of compelling reasons. Kinsta's hosting platform is renowned for its exceptional speed, performance, and scalability, making it an ideal foundation for any WordPress site, from personal blogs to high-traffic e-commerce stores.

By leveraging Kinsta's infrastructure, WarriorWP can offer its users the benefits of Google Cloud Platform's Premium Tier network, ensuring rapid data routing around the globe for lightning-fast page load times. Furthermore, Kinsta's high-performance hosting stack, which includes orchestrated LXC containers, LXD managed hosts, and finely-tuned configurations for Nginx, PHP, and MariaDB, allows WarriorWP-hosted sites to automatically scale CPU and RAM usage in response to traffic surges.

In essence, WarriorWP's decision to use Kinsta is rooted in a commitment to provide its users with a hosting solution that offers top-tier performance, robust security, and exceptional scalability.

Benefits of Container Architecture

1. Isolation
Each WordPress site is hosted in its own isolated container, which has its own set of software resources (including Nginx, PHP, and MySQL). This means that the site is completely isolated from other sites, even those hosted on the same server. This isolation improves security, as a vulnerability in one site won't affect any others, and it also prevents "noisy neighbors" from hogging resources and slowing down your site.

2. Scalability
The container architecture allows for easy scalability. If your site experiences a sudden increase in traffic, Kinsta's infrastructure can automatically allocate more resources to your container to handle the increased load. This ensures that your site remains fast and responsive, even during traffic surges.

3. Flexibility
Because each container has its own set of resources, it's possible to customize the software environment for each site. For example, you could have different versions of PHP running on different sites, depending on the requirements of each site.

4. Reliability
If there's a problem with the server your site is hosted on, Kinsta can easily move your container to a different server. This means that your site can remain online and accessible, even if there are hardware issues with a server.