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Need to maintain an extra domain? No problem, we can manage this for you. 

Legal Policies

Required by law, privacy policies, disclaimer, and terms of use protect your business and your visitors.

Extra Storage

Extra storage if you need it. No need to upgrade your plan! 

Email Accounts

We use Google Workspace accounts that start at $6 / user / month

Marketing Strategy

Daily and website backups are essential to ensuring your website can be restored in just minutes in the event of technology bugs or something goes wrong in a software update. 

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Website Consulting

Analytics are critical for gathering information and making informed decisions. The better you understand your user, the more relevant your website becomes.

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Modular website plans
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Our WordPress website maintenance & support packages are designed to keep your site updated and secure in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We offer a unique, modular approach, allowing you to add custom solutions to your plan based on your specific needs. With WarriorWP, you get a tailored service that ensures your website remains optimized for search, speed, and security.

If you’re not routinely updating your core WordPress code and theme files you leave your site open to malware, hackers, and undetected security risks – not to mention site performance, downtime and penalties from Google.

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Facts You Should Not Ignore

Security Breaches Cost You

Hackers generally want to compromise your server's resources for malicious activity such as  malware, spam runs, DDoS attacks, etc. However, other severe risks; website downtime, domain blacklisted, root exploits, data loss, data theft, or worse. Each security breach costs you at least one to several hours in labour to diagnose and resolve.

1 in 2 Websites is Vulnerable

According to W3Techs, approximately 34% of the web runs on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. For average web hosting companies this number is actually much higher: 57%. Approximately 80% of these websites run an outdated version of their CMS. This leaves 46% of your websites exploitable through significant security vulnerabilities.

1 in 3 Customers Churn

According to research by StopBadware and Commtouch, 28% of webmaster of whose website was compromised considers moving to a new provider. Webmasters blame the provider for the compromise, are unhappy with the (lack of) support they receive, are not able to resolve the issue themselves or are simply fed up with it and quit.